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Answer for question 4484.
Do you generally point out the mistakes people make, or do you quietly let it go? What's one mistake people make that drives you crazy?
I notice every grammar mistake on account of being an editor on and off for several years. So many things drive me absolutely bonkers, especially the "your/you're" debacle, and the misuse of every day/everyday, and the latest "new" word out there, "everytime." Every time is most certainly not one word.

But anyhow, I hesitate to correct most folks, because it's amazing how offended or upset they'll get. I accept corrections of words I don't know how to spell, or if I've slipped up, because it helps me learn and be more careful with my super fast typing. But I don't find others to be so inviting. That in itself is quite irritating, but since it's everywhere on the Internet (except LJ, for the most part!), there's not much I feel I can do about it.

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That can be a tricky one, so I don't blame you!

My problem is trying not to use emoticons when I'm conveying something, because I don't mean to come across as abrasive when I'm just really blunt. I know it's not exactly kosher to do the little smileys and such, but they make me feel better, haha!

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