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give me a shot at the night

give me a moment, some kind of mysterious

7 July
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Warning: This journal belongs to a cranky cynic. Be prepared for realism at its finest. But don't worry, I'm actually pretty nice ;)

Well, here I am again, back from "the dead." After a while away from this site, I've returned to anonymous journaling as a means of escape, catharsis, and hopefully to find some old friends.

I've been on and off of LJ since 2004. I've had many different usernames and have disappeared and reappeared more times than I can count. I'm not sure why I have this pattern. But some friends I've had the awesome privilege of keeping over time. I have found that keeping an online journal is a much better outlet for me than trying to fake it on Facebook or keep up with something as busy as Twitter.

My life has been one crazy ride. Finally, after years and years of constant struggle, things are looking up. It's impossible to say just how much I've been through, because it's almost too much to believe. But, I'm still here, with my eye on the prize.

I'm a music fanatic. I dig every kind of music out there--some to more degrees than others. Mostly you can find me listening to metal and hard rock. I'm also into politics and you could call me a news junkie. I like to stay up on things (except celebrities. I couldn't give two shits about them). I watch all kinds of different TV shows. Except about celebrities. I couldn't give two shits about them; I reiterate. I like to read when I can. I used to write poetry and song lyrics. I've had writer's block for several years, however.

I'm a Cancer sun, Leo moon, Sagittarius rising with lots of other fire in my chart. Astrology is huge to me. It helps me understand people in a very comprehensive way. One could call me a professional on the subject by now. I've looked over and/or interpreted over 400 birth charts, possibly even more.

I'm obsessed with Las Vegas and have absolutely no desire to leave here for any reason. This is home, no matter how many changes the city goes through.

I enjoy my quiet time at home or away, when I can temporarily escape family life and hang out in my own little world. I struggle with mental illnesses, but I'm toughing it out. I'm rather cynical but my outlook isn't too dismal, haha!

I'm happy with life at the moment. What a blessing indeed. It wasn't always this way. But now, I can safely say I feel pretty good.


Warning #2: This journal contains graphic and possibly triggering material, such as past drug use, mental illness woes and general life in Sin City. I'm also a pretty straightforward person who does not do well with over-sensitivity, so if that's you, please don't consider friending me. Otherwise, nice to meet you! :)