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Answer for question 4487.
Which song do you hate the most (whether new or old), and wish you never had to hear again? Why do you despise it so much?
Good Lord, if I never have to hear "Pour Some Sugar on Me" once more in my lifetime, I would die happy. I've always hated it since it came out and I was a real youngin', but now as it's become an icon for bubblegum glam rock, stripper poles and bad '80s moments (most were good, but that one was BAD), I really can't stand it.

"Yeah Yeah Yeah" by Usher, is it? My sister is hooked on like around 150 songs and that's it. She really doesn't listen to anything else. That one's on her rotation on her tablet and it was on a CD she made beforehand. I've been subjected to it zillions of times and have hated it every single time, haha!

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Bruno does that song? Oh God, should've known!! "Don't believe me, just watch!"

Yeah, to me that one's horribly overplayed. And so is that awful, "shut up and dance with me" tune. It's just got to go!

I have to agree that Grapevine is really quite boring! LOL about ruling someone out if they sing it. Can't blame ya! I'd much rather get up on AGT and bust a lovely rendition of System of a Down, "Chop Suey" and freak everyone out. Go beyond the norm for once! Not that I don't dig those talent shows! Guilty pleasure, perhaps? :P

Mark Ronson actually (who I never heard of before this song, hahah), it just features Bruno Mars :D

Yep, talent shows are my guilty pleasure, too, I think it's the story of each contestant I mostly buy into though I do like a good performance now and then, too. only a few times have me and mom bought a track... only for The Voice, there were a couple nice renditions on there.
I think on AGT someone did try some screamo vocals one year and were run off the show; it was a bit too jarring :P

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