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Answer for question 4492.
If your partner asked you to sign a prenuptial agreement, would you do it? What things do you feel are reasonable to be in such an agreement? What would be a deal-breaker that you wouldn't ever sign?
Considering everything I have with my husband we gained together, no, I wouldn't have done it. We've started from zero more than once together, wouldn't have made it this far if not together, and God forbid the day came where we'd have to split, the partner wanting to leave would just go and start their own life. We have too much invested, not to mention kids that deserve everything their parents achieved for them! husband and I have loved each other every year we've been together--if not more today than back when. We've been through a whole hell of a lot and we know how to handle conflicts like pros.

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We are not poor but we certainly don't have enough to warrant a prenup. lol

Haha! Heard that! Plus it just to me makes marriage seem like a joke--something not to be taken seriously or even really considered as a legit thing anymore. I understand some people don't always believe love lasts forever, but if that's the case, why marry someone, nawmean?

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